TimeRoom 212Room 224Room 226Room 230Room 232
9:00-10:00Creating Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Using C# with Xamarin
Brent Schooley
Hitchhiker's Guide to the NetDuino Galaxy
Carey Payette
Liberate your client-side application from the server with Lineman!
Jason Karns
Simplify your WPF Applications with Caliburn.Micro
Michael Eaton
Writing an Offline LOB Application for SharePoint
Arnulfo Wing
10:15-11:15Windows Azure Service Bus – Your Private Transit Authority
Dennis Burton
More Power with LESS Bootstrap
Jay Harris
Mongo DB on Azure For Devs.
Mark Greenway
Controlling ASP.NET MVC4
Phil Japikse
Asynchronous Programming with C#, VB.NET and F#
Richard Broida
11:30-12:30NHibernate vs. Entity Framework
Anshul Vishwakarma
A Minimalist's Attempt At Building A Distributed Application
David Hoerster
XAML: So easy, a web developer can do it
Michael Eaton
SSIS Tips and Gotchas
Michael Henderson
Writing Secure Code
Sam Nasr

1:30-2:30Creating Single Page Applications with Ember.js
Brent Schooley
Mamma Said Test Your Code
Jerrel Blankenship
Practical PowerShell for Developers
Paul R. Bahler
I’m Not Dead Yet! AKA The Resurgence of Web Forms
Phil Japikse
2:45-3:45Icenium: Leveraging The Cloud To Simplify Mobile Dev
Brett Whittington
Start Up and Git Done: Using TFS in the Cloud
Jeff McKenzie
Reducing Code in ASP.NET MVC
Mark Greenway
Creating a Plug-in Architecture in .NET
Ondrej Balas
Sharing Code between Windows 8 & Windows Phone!
Jeff Blankenburg