Brent Schooley is a software developer who has been working with Microsoft technologies since 2004. His interests include client and mobile application development and user experience design with a recent emphasis on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Other platforms he has worked with include WPF, Silverlight, Windows Forms, and iOS. He is an Evangelist working for Infragistics with a focus on mobile platforms. He has a passion for making people’s experiences with software the best that they can possibly be. Brent is the author of Designing for Windows 8, a Windows 8 design primer from Apress.

Brett Whittington has 8 years development experience working in the Insurance and Energy Industries analyzing, developing, and maintaining public facing websites using ASP.NET technologies. He enjoys knowledge sharing and in-depth discussion on just about any topic.

Carey Payette is a Developer Evangelist for Telerik with over 14 years professional IT experience in industries ranging from government, to private sector and utilities holding multiple titles throughout this time including support developer/technician, data architect, software developer, software architect and enterprise architect. Carey’s an ASPInsider and was a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award in Client App Dev from 2009-2011. She also serves as the Treasurer for the US National GiveCamp organization and is a member of the StirTrek organizing committee. Carey is a mom to 3 fabulous boys, a black belt in TaeKwonDo and enjoys coding for fun!

David Hoerster, a C# MVP, is a recovering corporate financial analyst and has been working with the Microsoft .NET Framework since the early 1.0 betas. He is the co-founder of BrainCredits (www.braincredits.com), a recent start-up that is hoping to change the way people learn on the web. David is the conference chair of Pittsburgh TechFest, the former president of the Pittsburgh .NET User’s Group (PGHDOTNET) and is also an occasional speaker at Pittsburgh and regional user group and code camp events. David can be found rarely blogging at http://geekswithblogs.net/DavidHoerster and also is an occasional Tweeter (@DavidHoerster).

Dennis Burton is a web developer comfortable writing CSS and reading SQL Profiler execution plans. His diverse portfolio includes several single-page web applications, online learning management systems, precision measurement using high-speed data acquisition applications, and automotive diagnostic software. He has been consistently working with systems that require processing large amounts of data quickly. Dennis’s career has always been moving forward; forward, that is, from the back-end processing in systems to the feature-rich JavaScript applications on the web, today. As a web developer at Arana Software, Dennis has helped Fortune 100 companies as well as startups solve their problems with a variety of technology stacks.

Jay Harris is a code wrangler, software consultant, and president of Arana Software. He has been developing on the web since 1995, when the Blink tag lured him away from Visual Basic 3. With a career focus on user experience, Jay has a passion for practices that improve quality and user experience, such as performance optimization, unit testing, and proper grammar. Originally from Rochester, New York, he and his wife, Amy, have lived in Michigan since 2003. They like Michigan, but still consider themselves tourists, and probably always will.

Jeff McKenzie has worked in software development for fifteen years, in both freelance and full-time capacities, as a developer and team leader. He enjoys helping others solve problems through technology, whether it’s the small business getting on the web for the first time, or a Fortune 500 company expanding its enterprise. Although he started his career using BASIC on an Atari 800, he took a big detour, getting Biology and English degrees before rediscovering programming, with a new thing called the World Wide Web. He is currently Managing Architect for the .NET practice at Information Control Corporation in Columbus, Ohio.

Jerrel Blankenship is a software craftsman specializing in Microsoft technologies. He’s developed .NET projects spanning from traditional desktop to web and mobile apps. He’s a big proponent of agile development and spends his time working with and teaching developers who want to learn to build software more effectively. He’s literally written the the book about agile .NET development (Pro Agile .NET Development with SCRUM, Apress, 2011). When he’s not being a developer he invests his time and energy into his family, fishing, chess, Cleveland sports teams and gaming. You can read Jerrel’s ramblings at www.jerrelblankenship.com.

Mark Greenway has been a web developer since the mid ’90s and a lone dev since the turn of the millenia, Mark has a unique perspective on the problems of programming. From developing “The Daily WTF” style code in his early days, to independently synthesizing many common design patterns in his progression in a vacuum. Then came a new enlightenment and a realization of the community and its resources. This understanding of the pain of doing things the wrong way, leads to a fresh perspective. A smart sense of humour and some training from professional speakers make sure that any talk will be both interesting and informative.

Michael Eaton has been a software developer since the early 90?s, but left the so-called security of a “real job” for the freedom and flexibility of independence in 2001. Since then, he has focused on client-based technologies and has worked with clients throughout the mid-west. Michael is co-owner of LiteAccounting, an online invoicing application. When not working on projects or spending time with his family, he will most likely be found reading, or honing his marksmanship skills on the pistol range.

Michael Henderson is a GIS application developer with InfoGeographics, Inc. in Traverse City, Michigan. He works on a variety of web based mapping applications and database projects. For three years Mike was a full time SQL Server DBA where he stopped worrying and learned to love SSIS.

Ondrej Balas is the owner of UseTech Design, a small development company based in Troy, MI that focuses primarily on .NET and other Microsoft technologies. Like many other developers, he began writing code at a young age and hasn’t stopped. Most of the work he does today is in big data, algorithm design and software architecture.

Paul R. Bahler is an Application Architect at IGS Energy, but has spent the last year focused on building a successful Dev Ops organization. You can usually find him writing some sweet PowerShell scripts and shouting things like “GUIs are for chumps.” He is a passionate technologist and has an opinion to share on nearly every topic.

An international speaker, Microsoft MVP, MCSD, CSM, and CSP, and a passionate member of the developer community, Phil Japikse has been working with .Net since the first betas, developing software for over 20 years, and heavily involved in the agile community since 2005. Phil works as the Evangelism Lead for Telerik’s DevTools Division, working with the RadControls for Windows 8 as well as the Just family of products (JustCode, JustMock, JustTrace, and JustDecompile), and serves as the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User’s Group and the Cincinnati Software Architect Group, co-hosts the Hallway Conversations podcast (www.hallwayconversations.com), and founded Agile Conferences, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to advancing agile in all aspects of software development. Phil also serves as Cub Scout Committee Chair for his sons’ Cub Scout Pack, volunteers for the National Ski Patrol, and is a recently retired Firefighter/Paramedic. You can follow Phil on twitter via www.twitter.com/skimedic and read his blog at www.skimedic.com/blog.

Richard Broida is the Director of Connected Systems and BI Practice for Bennett Adelson, Microsoft Gold Partner in Cleveland. He has 22 years experience in software and database development, 12 years with .NET. Specialist in SOA and functional programming. Co-chair and frequent speaker at the Cleveland .NET SIG and the Cleveland F# SIG, where he often introduces .NET developers to new, cutting edge technologies and architectural principles.

Sam Nasr has been a software developer since 1995, focusing mostly on Microsoft technologies. Having achieved multiple certifications from Microsoft (MCAD, MCTS(MOSS), and MCT), Sam develops, teaches, and tours the country to present various topics in .Net Framework. He is also actively involved with the Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group, where he has been the group leader since 2003. In addition, he also started the Cleveland WPF User Group, the .Net Study Group, is the current INETA Mentor for Ohio, and is an author for Visual Studio Magazine. When not coding, Sam loves spending time with his family and friends or volunteering at his local church.

Anshul Vishwakarma is a technologist that likes to delve into software and hardware engineering. Current areas of interest include ASP.NET, C#, Netduino, Gadgeteer, Windows Forms, .NET Web Services and Frontend Web Design.

Arnulfo Wing is a passionate community member that started programming back on the days of Borland C++. He is heavily involved in the SharePoint user community across all of the SharePoint areas (Development, admin, end user). Currently he is working on getting his Win8 application to be published on the Windows Market place.

Ultra passionate. That’s how Jeff Blankenburg (@jeffblankenburg) describes his relationship with technology. Over the past 10 years, Jeff has enthusiastically applied his technical expertise to build industry-changing websites and marketing efforts for mega brands including Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ford Motor Company, Sony and several pharmaceutical companies. He’s especially proficient in user interface design, web standards and mobile application development. In addition to his developer evangelist role for Microsoft, Jeff contributed to the O’Reilly title Windows Developer Power Tools on the subject of code validation services, and authored a Windows Phone development book out now on Amazon. He also serves as an organizer for the CodeMash and Stir Trek conferences. On the academic front, Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Ohio’s Bowling Green State University.

Jason Karns is a web developer with a passion for clean code. He is continuing his love affair with the web and front-end development as a Double Agent for the software studio, Test Double.

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